The people of Olfden are not stupid, and they can see the end of logging revenue in the future—not in their lifetimes, perhaps, but likely in the lives of their children or grandchildren. As a
result, Olfden continues to look for new reasons to draw people to the area and for a whole new purpose in existing. With a relatively recent upsurge of interest in Raseri Kanton, Droskar’s Crag, and Darkmoon Vale in general, Olfden has positioned itself as a base of operations for
exploratory groups and adventurers.

Situated not quite halfway between Falcon’s Hollow and Oregent and perched on a low cliff along the Elberwick Rise, Olfden acts as the major civilizing element in the wide dale.

Olfden works constantly to suppress the area’s werewolves and to ensure the safe passage of darkwood-laden convoys.

Olfden is a large town in Darkmonn vale and is led by Mayor Gilmore Amring.


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