Nearly 6,000 years ago, survivors from Lost Azlant mingled with the primitive Keleshite tribesmen of the Inner Sea’s eastern coast and founded the kingdom of Taldor. Ancient
Taldorian legends claim that Aroden himself walked among the kingdom’s earliest settlers
in those days, and Aroden’s worship was centered in Taldor for millennia.

The first half of the Age of Enthronement was the Golden Age of Imperial Taldor. Taldorian explorers charted the Sellen River in what is now the River Kingdoms, settled in Rostland and Issia (in modernday Brevoy), and incorporated Galt as a tributary buffer state. Expanding westward over the years, Taldor’s Armies of Exploration founded the provinces of Andoran, Isger, Molthune, Cheliax, and Lastwall. In its heyday, Taldor stretched from the World’s
Edge Mountains to the Arch of Aroden on the shores of the Arcadian Ocean.

As time passed,Taldor’s affluence also led to self-indulgence, and the Taldorans became increasingly obsessed with ceremony, elaborate costuming, and jaded pleasures. Taldor’s culture grew more decadent and detached from the outside world.

Today, beneath a pretense of high society and avant-garde culture, Taldorian society is shortsighted, degenerate, and moribund. Taldor’s influence continues to wane, as it has for some time.


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