Imperial Cheliax dominated the northern continent for more than 500 years. Guided by the Starfall Doctrine—a series of prophecies that predicted the return of Aroden to Cheliax and
a millennium of unprecedented success—the clergy of Aroden and secular government agents readied the empire for glory. According to the Starfall Doctrine, Imperial Cheliax would welcome its divine ruler in 4606. King Gaspodar, Emperor of Cheliax, raised from youth knowing the year his reign would end, prepared to abdicate and place the Nine-Starred Crown upon Aroden’s head.

Then the inexplicable occurred. Instead of returning, Aroden died, and a part of Cheliax
died with him. With the emperor stripped of his divine mandate, certain powerful noble houses rose up, plunging the imperial heartland into civil war.

Anarchy and war plagued Cheliax for more than 30 years, until House Thrune and its allies
took and held the throne. Queen Abrogail I, Infernal Majestrix of Cheliax, placed among her armies bound devils from the depths of the Nine Hells, who quelled dissent in the empire’s heartland, gaining the new regime a measure of respect and legitimacy. Few among the gods-fearing citizens of Cheliax approved of their fearsome methods, but wherever the diabolists installed themselves the opportunistic savagery of the last generation
soon ceased, and a dark peace embraced the kingdom.

Unfortunately for the Egorian government, though, the infernal blasphemies of House Thrune turned public opinion against Cheliax. The people of Galt and Andoran rose up
and threw off Cheliax’s imperial shackles. Reluctantly, House Thrune allowed Cheliax’s vassals to secede.

Despite losing almost half its holdings, Cheliax remains one of the largest nations on Golarion, as well as arguably the most powerful in the Inner Sea region.


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